How to increase creativity - the methods of creative thinking 2 (conceptual map)

CONCEPTUAL MAP (concept map)

It is a solution very similar to our thoughts. In fact, depending on performance, both of these ways of taking notes may be almost identical. By design, the conceptual map is more precise, and structured. Its aim is to order knowledge on the particular topic.

Conceptual map can be created by one person, but also by a group of people. Its creation can be divided into several stages:

I. Brainstorming.

Through which you collect all the facts and ideas associated with the analyzed issue. Write down everything, at this stage , do not evaluative nor order in the structure.

II. Organize words.

From written in the previous step words, create groups and subgroups based on some criteria which bind them.

III. Creating a record of conceptual maps.

This transfer all of this on paper. Key concepts are at the center or at the top, arrange the remaining depending on their position in the hierarchy of importance, taking into account the grouping of topics that was done on stage II.

IV. Linking key words.

At this stage, use the arrows to create a visual map of links between words. Importantly, they are not only leading the way of association between the top and bottom of the hierarchy. Also, intersecting relationships should be marked, so that the map includes all the dependencies. Each arrow drawn must have a sign with explanation how linked words are associated.

V. The fine-tuning of the appearance of the conceptual maps.

It is especially important if it serves to promote group work. Please give it an orderly and readable form, in order to make each person taking part in analyzing the problem understand it.